Why Yo!Deals?

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Yo!Deals is Scalable & Future-Ready

Encompassing superior functionality Yo!Deals makes it easy for your local deals system to adapt to increased demands. Deals websites built on Yo!Deals are empowered with essential features and easily scale up according to future demand.

12 Month FREE Support

Yo!Deals comes with 12 months after sales support for free. With this support, you get the assistance of experts to understand Yo!Deals system, solve issues (if any), and run your local deals business smoothly.

No Installation & Management Hassle

Our team will setup everything for you and deliver the final product so you can run your daily deals marketplace successfully without facing any sorts of management hassle.

Yo!Deals is Mobile Ready

Yo!Deals is a mobile friendly system for your daily deals marketplace. Group buying sites launched with Yo!Deals will have the advantage of targeting mobile, smartphone, tablets users too, as the system offers optimal view on all devices including desktops.

Search Engine Friendly

Get a daily deals portal built according to search engine norms and rest assured that you will have maximum reach online. Powered by best ranking factors, Yo!Deals makes city deals websites easily accessible to users searching for deals on search engine.

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Words from Happy Users of Yo!Deals

"To take Nigerian food deals market by storm, Restaurant Club was looking for website with unique design, powerful features, and state-of-the-art payment gateways. We discussed our requirements with FATbit team and were impressed with the ideas they shared to make our brand a success. Restaurant Club is visited daily by thousands of Nigerians for restaurant discount deals. All thanks to FATbit, we are a known Nigerian brand garnering new visitors and selling greater number of deals every day."
Mohammed Zakari Owner, Restaurant Club Nigeria