Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

In GoQuick package, you get the complete portal scripts (all features as you see on demo) with standard design available on our demo version. Maintenance and support period for bugs and errors will only last for one month.

With GoCustom package, the portal will be custom designed as per your wish with the option of up to 5 revisions. You get all features of the Yo!Deals system on demo. The maintenance and support period for bugs and errors will also be 12 months.

No recurring fee has to be paid for using Yo!Deals.

Through Yo!Deals, you can sell;
– Deal vouchers
– Products
– Getaways (present with V4)

Instant deals are the deals, which if you buy using CIM payment method, the cart amount will be Authorized only and may be captured by Admin within three days of purchase or while you redeem the purchased voucher.

Yo!Deals is an independent deals marketplace system built with FATbit Framework, and integrating it with a WordPress website (or any other website based on a different technology) would be quite difficult. Since Yo!Deals in itself is a complete marketplace solution and WordPress platform is used for quite different business purposes, we would not recommend you to invest in their integration, unless there is a good reason behind it.

Yo!Deals has a mobile application for front end users (buyers) only. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. Following are the prices of Yo!Deals Buyer Mobile Application: Android Mobile Application: $499 iOS Mobile Application: $499 (without source code)

The images which are on the home page are static and are not manageable from the admin section. You can change these images from the code file home.php and you need to place the respective images into the images folder. If you want us to make the image manageable from the backend, efforts will be involved in order to achieve the same and it will be chargeable. Please let me know if you want a quote for this task.

We do not have this provision in the default copy of Yo!Deals product that you have bought. If you want to get this done then there will be an additional cost and time for this work.

Deal wise transactions are basically the list of transactions on a particular deal.

Please configure CIM and keys and IDs under payment settings in manager area, add credit card option will work automatically.

Merchant can view sales on a particular deal from the deal/product listing section, by searching a list of deals/products which are added by that particular merchant. For each deal, the merchant/manager can view a sale on a per deal basis. Transaction will reflect under merchant account, when manager/admin will credit the payment via “Add transaction link” under merchant section. Finally, that transaction will get reflected under the Merchant transaction history account.

You will need to configure/setup Facebook API page under your Facebook account. Following are the steps: Step1: You will need to open this link with your Facebook account. URL: Step 2: Then, click on add a new app. Step 3: Choose a website from options. Step 4: Enter the name of the website then click on create on Facebook app Id for it. Step 5: A pop-up will appear. On this choose category (nature of your business type) then click on create app Id. Step 6: Click on skip Quick Start button. This will show you App ID: 8347255666xxx like this. And an app secret key. Step 7: Click on show button this will show you exact app secret key: Example: dcf46152c32cde3d509efexxxxx Step 8: Click on the setting button on the left menu. Add your app domain and contact email-id. Step 9: Click on Add platform button. Select website option as platform. Then, Add site url and mobile site url. Step 10: Finally, you will need to add this Add ID and app secret key in the manager section under the Setting tab.

The Merchants can be deleted from the Admin panel. Click on Companies/Merchant (Next to Deals/Products) tab in the top navigation in the panel Select ‘Company List’ Recognize the merchant you wish to delete Delete the merchant from the ‘Action’ section on the extreme right of page

The vendors listed on the home page of the demo site are those vendors or merchants, whose sales count is maximum based on the purchases by the customer/user.

Deals can be marked cancelled from their active state, all completed orders related to those particular deals refunded to the buyer wallet. Status for cancelled deals cannot be changed to maintain integrity of the system. You can repost a cancelled deal with a new ID.. The deals which are never approved (Unapproved/Rejected) can be deleted.

There is a delete button under merchant/companies section from where admin can delete desired merchant/company.

Do you want us to create a new design for the front end? If yes, will provide you estimated time accordingly.

The Categories can be added from the Admin panel Click on Deals/Products (Next to Dashboard) tab in the top navigation Select ‘Add New Deals/Products Categories’ Fill the info and Press Submit A new category has been added

Supported Operating Systems: Linux x86, x86-64 PHP Compatibility: 5.5 or 5.6 Required extensions: GD with Free Font support Zlib with zip support DOM Ioncube loader latest version MySqli Safe_mode off Memory_limit 32M or more (Some pages with advanced feature may use upto 128M) Supported Web Servers: Apache 2.2.x Apache 2.4.x MySQL: 5.6 or newer PHPmyAdmin variable – SQL_mode, must have value “NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION” only Server – hosting – setup: Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5 Check this for more info

Yes, you will get the application manual in word doc or pdf format.

Currently this option is not available but it can be developed as per your requirements.

Yo!Deals is affordable and extremely user friendly than its competitors. We offer a mobile version of the system with standard design without additional charge. We can design a responsive daily deals portal for you which helps you target smartphone and tablet users also. As your business grows, future customization and enhancements can be done for USD 15-25 per hour.

Currently our system does not have a Reservation System. We are working on a new version of the Daily Deals system where we will be providing Vouchers/Products/Hotels Reservation Module/Instant Deals. Estimated time to finalize that system is around 6 months.

Yes, we will deliver you the files along with the installation guide.

Yes, all the layout and related things are open to edit.