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    Power packed features that ensure success of a daily deals marketplace

Yo!Deals is Responsive

A big share of daily deals are searched by tablets and smartphone users, so we made Yo!Deals responsive. Local deals marketplace built on this system will attract mobile traffic easily.

Multi-Vendor Functionality

Equipped with Multi-Vendor technology, it enables merchants to manage their products and deals thereby exempting website owners from tedious updating. Sell deals & products painlessly.

Sell City Deals and Discounted Products

Main Deal: Yo!Deals gives special space for the deal that ought to be noticed most by users. Admin can set it as main deal.
All deals: On this page users can view the extensive list of all city deals available on your deals marketplace.
City deals: Deals specific to cities can be viewed on this page. Users can find deals nearest to its location using ‘City Deals’
Instant deals: Deals that are featured for short time can be viewed on this page. This section can be used to add flash/hourly deals.
Products: Users can see complete list of products on one page and search further by filtering categories like electronics, sports, cloths, kids etc.

Easy Voucher Redemption

Yo!Deals has simplified voucher redemption which make the whole process superfast. Buyer can show the voucher to vendor/merchant by downloading from account or directly on its mobile device or using the QR code on voucher. To protect the interest of shoppers and offer best user experience, we ensure that none of daily deals coupons go bad and get easily redeemed.

Profit from Travel Bookings

YoDeals offers the scope of making additional profits by supporting sales of travel packages. The whole booking process happens on the site itself, thus giving best experience to package buyers. Start your online venture with YoDeals, and become a hot destination for best offers on getaways.

Multiple Categories and Cities

With Yo!Deals you can conceive the biggest local deals marketplace as it offers the ease to list deals amd products is multiple categories and cities just like Groupon.

Email Notification System

Enriched email notification system allows close connectivity with deals buyers. Using 35+ custom designed emails you can notify subscribers about new deals and product in their areas of interest.

Multiple and Secure Payment Methods

Simple & hassle-free, that’s how we want the payment system of each deals platform built on Yo!Deals. To attain this, we have integrate multiple and secure payment methods.

Deal Location Map

Users can glance at maps to discover different locations of merchants providing deals and discounted products. It’s quick and easy for anyone to view merchant location on Google map.

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Easy Deals and Product Management

Managing deals and products is plain sailing for websites launched with Yo!Deals. It offers multivendor technology that makes deals and product management easier by letting merchants manage everything on their own. Portals launched with Yo!Deals system have a superb interface and are easy-to-manage.

Manage Multiple Merchants

You can invite multiple merchants to sell city deals and products on your website. We give you the freedom to add as many sellers as you want and handle all of them painlessly with our smart merchant management.

Managing merchants is a common issue with Groupon clone software available in market but if you choose a system like Yo!Deals, your daily deals portal will never face such hurdles.

Sales Reports and Statistics

Viewing reports of sales and sold vouchers is easier than ever with Yo!Deals. Portal owners and merchants can easily calculate revenue generated from your daily deals marketplace.

Newsletter and Deals Subscription

Prompt users to subscribe to daily deals notification and send newsletters to keep them updated with new deals. Keep visitor updated about new deals and sell more.

Login with Facebook

Give quick sign-in facility to users. Yo!Deals makes your local deals website more easily accessible by allowing shoppers to sign-in using their Facebook account.

Gift a Deal to Friend

Buyers can surprise a friend with discount vouchers. Yo!Deals is integrated with this beautiful feature to give more reasons of shopping daily deals to users.

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Powerful Admin Features

Yo!Deals give essential powers to admin. Here is how admin can manage a coupon site built on Yo!Deals:

  • Easily keep watch on all coupons. View amount saved, vouchers purchased and earnings made.
  • View today’s sales of deals and products.
  • Check anytime all deals/products purchased.
  • Know about today’s expired deals/products.
  • See the actual amount of voucher purchased by users.
  • View deals pending for approval.
  • Manage review and ratings given by buyers.
  • Keep control over deals and products management.
  • Manage options and products attributes effortlessly.
  • Hold authority to manage merchants and affiliates
  • Manage charity organizations,
  • Have control over other settings like payment gateway, email template, language and location.

Easy Content Management System

Managing content and navigation of webpages is easy with Yo!Deals’ easy-to-use CMS. Website owners can update content, add/remove links, videos and other items without any sort of technical help.

Uncomplicated Financial Accounting

Yo!Deals has powerful accounting features that make it easy for all parties to track their earnings and other monetary aspects. Being distinct from group buying clones, we have paid special attention to money-tracking features of coupon selling website and integrated secure payments as well as advance financial accounting system.

Social Media Integration

Yo!Deals makes deals sharing easy and unforced with exquisite social media features. A site built on Yo!Deals system comes furnished with necessary social media integrations that are crucial for any local and city deals website to attract visitors from social channels.

As a system to build flash deals marketplace, Yo!Deals scores higher than available daily deals scripts and makes even the smallest social media features look impressive. You can even send invitation to contacts from Yahoo, Gmail and share website on Hotmail, Twitter and Facebook.

Yo!Deal - Daily Deals System V4 Demo

Value for merchants, customers and portal owners

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Nice Words from Clients

"To take Nigerian food deals market by storm, Restaurant Club was looking for website with unique design, powerful features, and state-of-the-art payment gateways. We discussed our requirements with FATbit team and were impressed with the ideas they shared to make our brand a success. Restaurant Club is visited daily by thousands of Nigerians for restaurant discount deals. All thanks to FATbit, we are a known Nigerian brand garnering new visitors and selling greater number of deals every day."
Mohammed Zakari Owner, Restaurant Club Nigeria